How is it different from the existing intimate products in the market?


  • It has a built in pressure eliminator. Why it’s important?

The wall of the vagina lies up against the head of the applicator upon entering the vagina. The existing products in the market have a rounded, plain surface that lacks a drain to let the water out. Therefore, with the gravity feed instruments ( Ermed, Dolhai, Floragyn ) approximately 0.7-1 Bar pressure by hand, or with the Lady Pharma, which can be connected to the water system, 3.5-4 Bar pressure forces the water into the vagina. This is a very large pressure and because the water cannot exit due to the muscle surrounding the instrument, the vagina first expands like a balloon, then the water finds its way up towards the uterus. (This can be seen on on an ultrasound recording) This is very dangerous because it takes the infected vaginal fluids that we are trying to flush out even deeper into the body. This can often lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and other infections as well.

The MedCare Intimate Shower applicator has deep ridges that drain the water out of the vagina to ensure that the water leaves immediately. In case of anal usage the same ridges prevent overpressure and guarantee the exit of excess water.

  • Guarantees one-way flow. Why it’s important?

In the case of the hand operated, balloon instruments; if the head is not removed from the vagina after the pressure is applied a suction effect will come into play. Upon release the infected fluid enters the balloon immediately. The following application will take the already infected fluids back into the body.

With the MedCare Intimate Shower the water flows in one direction trough the capsules, which allows only the filtered and cleaned water to enter the vagina. A suction effect will not happen even when the water pressure seizes.

  • Only rinses in a sideways direction. Why it’s important?

Other instruments that let the water enter the vagina through a hole located on the top of the head shoot the rinsing liquid directly into the vagina with great pressure.

On the head of the MedCare Intimate Shower Applicator the holes involved in the rinsing process only spray water sideways. The rinsing fluid only reaches the sides of the vagina, then leaves through the above mentioned ridges immediately.

  • Maximizes water intake. Why it’s important?

The Ph of the vagina should not be washed out completely, which is why it is important that we don’t use more than 2 ounces of water for the rinsing process. In the case of both the manually operated instruments and the product attached to the water system, the user can decide how much water to irrigate. It is possible that because the moment the capsules are dissolved is not obvious the user could be rinsing out the herbs and minerals with excess water.

The MedCare 2 phase capsule is engineered to dissolve with 2 ounces of water. Once the capsules are empty the MedCare Intimate Shower is designed to stop automatically without any intervention from the user. Therefore, over rinsing is not possible. ( Capsules used for enema are designed to dissolve with 4 ounces of water. Once the capsule is empty water flow stops automatically.)

  • Controlled amount and quality of charge. Why it’s important?

If the patient is responsible for prepare and portion the charge for treatment and rinse can happen that the treatment doesn’t go with the proper quality and amount.

This can not happen with MedCare Intimate Shower because every capsule are filled with controlled amount and quality of charge. Every capsule are disposable not designed for refill. The only exception is Magisterial capsule where only the first rinsing phase is filled into the second one medicine subscribed by the doctor should be filled in the amount the capsule lets you.

  • Drug intake is in the upper part of the vagina. Why it’s important?

the most effective way of vagina treatment is local treatment. This means we have to ingest medicine into the upper part of the vagina in the most effective form as liquid. It is a difficult way. Brushing can only be done by doctors. At home only cream and suppository can be used which is unnecessary and contains harmful vehicle. the same time intake of these is complicated and can arrive on the wrong place.

MedCare Intimate Shower ensures drug intake into the upper part of the vagina in the wished form. Active agents in the second phase of the capsule flows through the inner channel of the head and exit on the top and flows into the vagina freely. This happens without the patient would do anything. This way you can handle complicated treatment at home easily, simple, safe and effective.

  • Treatment works only with the original capsule. Why it’s important?

The appliance works only with filled original MedCare capsule. This ensures that no other uncontrolled treatment is done.

The appliance serves maximally the safety of patient.